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Welcome to Tri4Japan

Tri4japan is the charity established to help the people of Kamaishi, a town in Japan devastated by the recent earthquake and tsunami. All funds raised will be put to work to make a real difference to people’s lives.


We are proud to be supported by the biggest names in triathlon, the leading brands and publications – together we will make a difference.

Our Accountability

Tri4Japan is a registered charity with the sole aim of raising awareness and funds to ease the suffering of the people of Kamaishi, devastated by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

We are committed to openness, honesty and accountability in all our activities and to our stakeholders.

With the media attention surrounding the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, we are aware that there have been a number of fraudulent organisations established to take advantage of people’s generosity. We deplore this deceit and strive to be open and accountable at all times. Without accountability we risk our reputation being undermined and our support threatened, therefore we aim to be accountable to our stakeholders to the best of our abilities.

Our stakeholders include:

  • Corporate and individual donors
  • People of Kamaishi we intend to support
  • Those that volunteer their time and resources to us

If you have any questions about Tri4Japan, our fundraising or how we intend to use funds raised, please contact us

Why Tri?

Triathlon is all we know, I have been involved in triathlon for 25 years, it is not only our livelihood and our hobby, and a way of life. Although we say tri4japan, we want to include all sports, swim, bike run, endurance and sprint, individual and team. The true essence of our mission is that all people from all sports around the world come together and TRY FOR JAPAN.

Click on the image below to watch Mike and Rieko Trees interviewed by the BBC about Tri4Japan:

Mike and Rieko Trees are interviewed by the BBC about Tri4Japan


I want all triathletes around the world to dig deep and help Tri4Japan raise money. Triathlon in Japan has enriched the lives of so many triathletes for over 25 years, now I want all our friends in the triathlon world to help Japan. No expenses will be taken, and all people helping are offering their time and services for free.

The money will really help but also the psychological boost to the Japanese, knowing that all triathletes around the world are helping will be priceless.

We will research and analyze what Japanese need most and would like to use it for their best, as we realise many will now be orphaned due to the tsunami, we want our money to help people who have lost their family members through this disaster.