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Javier Gomez"I send all my support to the Japanese people. Since the earthquake, they are always in my thoughts, especially the triathletes. I hope that they and their families are all fine. I'm sure you will not give up and will be strong to overcome this big problem. I'm with you guys, all the triathletes around the world are with you...will see you soon on the races. I wish you all the best."

Javier Gomez - Current ITU World Champion

Jason Metters & Craig Alexander"I loved Kamaishi, one of the best events I did in the World. The people were incredible!

Kamaishi and indeed Japan was very good to me. I had been wandering if my friends were still alive.

To see the pictures of the sea front now and the owner of the hotel I stayed in amongst the rubble is shocking.

But at the same time it is a relief to see they are still alive."

Jason Metters - Professional Triathlete, 3 x Winner Kamaishi Triathlon

Chrissie Wellington"Like people the world over, I am so shocked and saddened by the scenes of complete devastation in Japan, and of course in other countries that have suffered from horrific natural disasters. We are witness to the huge loss of life, destruction of infrastructure, and continued vulnerability and fear: but at the same time we see unwavering courage, hope, solidarity and true strength of spirit.

Tri4Japan is an opportunity for the triathlon, and entire sporting community, to come together to help support the Japanese people reconstruct their land and their lives, and give them the chance of a better tomorrow. So please, let us all join hands to support this initiative and harness the power of sport to make a real difference."

Chrissie Wellington - Triple Ironman World Champion & current World Record holder

Photo credit: Rich Cruse

Craig Alexander"Having raced in Japan several times, it is an easy decision for Neri and I to support Mike and the tri4japan auction to help the people of Japan so recently devastated by the latest of the huge natural disasters.

Our hearts go out to the people of Japan".

Craig Alexander - 2 x Ironman World Champion

Sarah M Springman"I look forward to being able to contribute funds to help you in your goals to mobilise the triathlon community to support the people of Kamaishi.

Having raced in Japan as an elite athlete myself (see picture), now working as an academic and civil engineer in advancing mitigation of natural hazards, I am committed to improving quality of life for those threatened by or exposed to natural disasters.

Thank you for taking this excellent initiative and doing all the hard work to make it deliver."

Dr Sarah Springman OBE
ITU Vice President and British Triathlon President

Cameron Brown "I have many fond memories of my time in Kamaishi from racing there in the early 90's as a team member of Team Epson. I was welcomed by Mr Kobaysahi and shown around the area. The Triathlon was just fantastic, we swam in the local bay, rode through the center of Kamaishi and out into the country side then finished the race off with a run along the waterfront. Please help get this wonderful community back together by supporting this Charity."

Cameron Brown - 10x New Zealand Ironman Champion

Tim Don"I just wanted to drop you a note to say I am behind you all the way with tri4japan , I too have had many great experiences racing all over Japan and with out a doubt some have been the high light of my career.

I hope the triathlon community comes together to support this worthy cause. Good Luck"

Tim Don - 2007 World Champion

Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee"Being a Yorkshireman I like to know where my money is going! I would hate to think that half of it was being diluted into wages and flights for gap year students! 100% of the money raised by tri for Japan is going to be used to help rebuild the great Triathlon town of Kamaishi, which has been devastated by the tsunami. I look forward to Mike and Rieko letting us all know what our money has helped to provide."

Alistair Brownlee - World Champion 2009

"You always feel really useless in these situations, as often there is very little you can do to make a real impact. Knowing Mike and Rieko, they will put to use every penny raised to try and restore the poor people of Kamaishi's lives."

Jonathan Brownlee - under 23 World Champion

Sam Warriner"Japan is so special to me - I won my very first ITU World Cup there, back in 2005 in the town of Ishigaki.

I've loved my visits to Japan. It is and always will be such an amazing country - but the Japanese people really need our help at the moment.

Japan and it's people are hurting, and it's going to take the worlds combined effort to ease that pain. We as human beings just can't stand by and wait for someone else to step in - the time is now for us to stand beside our fellow triathletes and show our support for them."

Sam Warriner - 7 x ITU World Cup Winner

Helen Jenkins"I have been watching all the developments on the news in Japan and its heartbreaking to see the devastation . I have always loved going to Japan to race, as the love the Japanese people have for triathlon makes the races fantastic and we have a warm welcome. My thoughts are with all the Japanese people and triathletes, I hope they have the strength to get through these tough times."

Helen Jenkins - 2008 World Champion

Richard Stannard
"I have raced and trained in Japan many times in my Triathlon career, most recently with Emma Davis of Ireland before she competed in the Beijing Olympic Games. The Japanese people are so welcoming and helpful that it is devastating to think what they are going through at the moment. I will do all I can to help with Tri4Japan."

Richard Stannard - 5 Time World Champion

Ian Adamson"In all my years racing and working in Japan, the people have never ceased to impress me. I have been touched deeply by their kindness and generosity. Now is the time for us to step up to the plate and demonstrate our own human qualities.

Mike and Rieko Trees of tri4japan epitomise the spirit of social responsibility and action.

In the context the natural and human disaster in Japan, they are in a position to provide swift and valuable support."

Ian Adamson - 7x World Champion Adventure Racer, 3x World Record holder

Emma Davis"Coming back from my training base where I have no television or internet last week to see the reports of the horrendous situation in Japan I was completely stunned, in fact every day when I watch more news coming in I still am. It is utterly unbelievable for one country to have been hit by so many problems. I am behind tri4japan whole heartedly and will be doing everything I can to help push the cause.

I have many good memories of my pre-Olympic training camp in Matsue. Everyone from the town was so welcoming and helpful, it saddens me now to think of what they are going through. I will be heading back to Japan in 3 weeks to take part in the Ishigaki World Cup which I have been told is to go ahead. The fact that the triathlon will be run is a great demonstration of the work ethic and determination of the Japanese people."

Emma Davis - Olympian

Debbie Tanner"I just wanted to drop a line of support and encouragement to everyone in Japan. To see the devastation that has taken place is just heartbreaking. Japan has been one of my favourite countries to race in around the world; whenever I was there I was always overwhelmed by people's generosity, loving and kind nature.

In such a tough time I too hope that people get together to help in any way that they can."

Debbie Tanner - Olympian

Matty Reed"Just want you guys to know I am thinking of you all and have so many memories of racing all over japan. Japan is where many of us made our first trip overseas to race and for me was my first podium at a world cup. Japan has always offered us athletes a great time too in Japan, experiencing the culture, meeting the families, and some amazing post-race events. I hope to help you guys support these people now and give back to them through my racing, which Japan, its race directors, fans and families helped me create.

Cheers, from the biggest guy to race in japan, the Green Giant!"

Matty Reed - Olympian

Sam Gardner"Japan holds very special memories for me as an athlete. It was here in 2008 that I won my first ever Xterra Global tour event held in the province in Maranuma. What struck me that trip was the amazing hospitality and generosity of the Japanese people. We have made many great Japanese friends during our visits to the country and were honoured to be invited to be invited to Hiro's wedding in Maui last year. Many of my sporting battles have been with great Japanese rivals such as Taro Shirtao and Takahiro Ogasawara and no matter who wins we always have great respect for each other, after one race Oga'san gave Susan my wife a piece of handmade jewellery which she loves and wears to all races.

Right now the people of Japan need our help, so let's help rebuild their country, as i know they'd help us if we were in need."

Sam Gardner - British Xterra Triathlon Champion

Tom Bishop"It is difficult to comprehend the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami and how it can overwhelm all aspects of life. The disaster has brought me back to earth and indicated how fortunate my position is in England. I have never raced in Japan though i have heard great things about the support it gives triathlon and would love to experience that in the future. I am committed to help the community of Kamaishi in anyway way I can in order to give back what they have given to the triathlon world."

Tom Bishop - 2nd ITU Triathlon World Junior Championships 2010

Tom Lowe"I, unlike many giving testimonials on here, have never been to Japan, however I have heard only good things about the island nation that gives the world so much, whether that be Japan's history, biodiversity, culture or economy. It's warm and friendly people that I've met on my travels are ingrained in my memory for good. One of the most colourful and genuine characters that I've met in my sporting career is a resident of Tokyo and thankfully he and his family are safe and well, however many aren't so lucky.

These people are just like you and me, so support this fantastic initiative as much as you can."

Tom Lowe - Pro Triathlete and Duathlete

Leah Garcia"Having towns like Kamaishi, as a location destination for athletic events, is what makes a community special. They deserve a hand-up. It is my dream that with our help, Mike and Rieko will renew the spirit of the people who live there.

To ease the burden of suffering, to reach out with generosity and kindness, and to help others in a time of need, is a monumental goal in life. I'm proud to be part of it.

My endurance-athletic foundation started with triathlon many, many years ago. From there, I was fortunate enough to move on to a career as a professional cross-country mountain bike racer, and television personality for adventure sports. It has always been the places I traveled and the people I met that made these memories lasting and ultimately shaped who I am. Japan, has touched me in an equally profound way."

Leah Garcia
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Although they have lost everything, they can still smile! Could you?
Kamaishi in better times

Mike Trees finishing the 1992 Kamaishi International Triathlon

Mike Trees finishing the 1992 Kamaishi International Triathlon
Rieko Trees at the 2004 Kamaishi International Triathlon

Rieko Trees in 2004 exiting the swim...what if the tsunami struck while we were racing, I cannot dare to think about it?
Triathletes at the 2004 Kamaishi International Triathlon

Invited triathletes from overseas all relaxing after the 2004 triathlon
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